Pearl Laska Chamberlain is the mother of Lewis Laska. Born Leila Pearl Bragg in Summers County, West Virginia, Pearl is 98 years old and in excellent health. Her first love, next to her son, is flying. She learned to fly in a Kenner Fleet bi-plane in 1933 and taught Navy cadets flying during World War II. She was briefly a W.A.S.P. and entered aviation history as the first woman to solo a single engine airplane up the Alaska Highway in 1944. You can read about Pearl in Sandi Summer's book shown above. Married first to Lewis Lincoln Laska of McGrath, Alaska, who died shortly after the birth of her son, she later married Ed Chamberlain, now deceased. Pearl was known to most people in Fairbanks as a public school teacher, retiring in 1972. She was the proud owner of a Cessna 140 and a 150. She now lives in Nashville with her son. She can be reached at 901 Church Street, Nashville, TN, 37203.

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